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If you’re considering selling in the near or distant future, or you're curious about what the value of your object is right now, we can help. Learn about your collection by contacting us today. We can provide you with an unbiased, arm’s length valuation, not from the position of a fiduciary, nor given from the position of someone trying to procure the consignment but an opinion of value as to what a buyer is willing to pay for a property on the open market. Markets have a way of deeming what they consider fair and normal economic factors of demand and supply are always projected in a sale. We assist clients with very specific information about price and very specific information about how much an object is worth. 

Volatility in the art world is real, as you and your team of advisors are strategizing, making short term and long decisions. Setting up the right insurance protection for your collection, considering a donation to a qualified institution or working through estate considerations, the need to make smarter and more informed decisions becomes more important than ever. Understanding what an object's fair market value might simply be stated as “the most probable price a buyer is willing to pay, what a seller is willing to accept under current market conditions”. If certain conditions are met, an item's fair market value will represent an actual price of an item being exchanged. The mutual interests from the standpoint of the seller and from the standpoint of the buyer Have not been dictated by a third party. The transaction is not so rushed that the buying party does not have enough time to make an informed decision. Both parties know the relevant facts, the trade appeases the best interests of both parties and both parties are free from any pressure to make the trade. Obviously, there are some inherent challenges in the analysis. It's a hypothetical number, based on a hypothetical sale, meaning that a sale has not taken place yet. However, it is our goal to get as close as possible to interpreting a market truth. 

The art market surrounding contemporary art is moving faster than ever, the speed in which new transactional numbers are being made is happening at a pace that is hard to keep up. We like to think about an appraisal as a tool for wealth management. Art is an asset, it functions as a commodity within the larger commodity culture and its trade value between buyers and sellers, deserves the same level of attention and consideration as any other asset.

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